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Velux Windows

Velux Skylights

Velux Roof Windows are the are a brand which is known for its quality, good looks and durability and we offer a full Velux window installation and repair service. If you looking for, a new Velux window installed or an existing one fixed, we can get the job done. Many living rooms in houses (especially those with flat roofs) will lack natural light and we have provided windows to a variety of rooms including -  kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms and studies. With a New Velux Window installe,d you can transform and improve any room making it look bigger, more energy efficient and also more pleasing to be in. Velux roof windows, can cut heating costs and save you money and also improve the quality of the room its installed in – so why not fit a new Velux Window today?

Velux Sun Tunnels

For areas such as hallways which are dark why not consider a Velux Sun tunnel? A sun tunnel will allow natural light to enter and brighten up, even the darkest and most isolated spaces. By installing a tunnel along the ceiling allow natural light flood in to areas such as dark hallways. The tunnels are attractive and come with flashin, in durable polyurethanem with clear strong glass and iare available, in the same styles as Velux skylights.

Quality at an Affordable Cost Get a Quote Today

The name Velux, comes from two words both Latin which are - Ventilatio and LUX which when translated into English, gives us the words ventilation and light and in roof window this means a better quality of living and more pleasing look, in any room in the house. For over 50 years VELUX Company Ltd have been the leading brand of roof window - so get a quote on installing one and improve your property and quality of life today.